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With a foundation in art; attending the College of Fine Arts in Paddington completing her bachelor degree; majoring in Painting and Drawing.

Her tattoo work has a clear focus on dynamic and unique designs and she enjoys providing clients with friendly and personalised experience. Focusing on Neotraditional - Realism - and bold geometric work

Amber's main source of inspiration is from nature and dark ethereal art works. She uses these topics to explore unique ways to express her passion on the body as well as independent art and paintings

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All of our artists at Rising Tide Studio are completely self managed; meaning they have their own booking processes, costs, availability and quotes.


Ambers books open every few months for new clients via her website.


The best way to stay informed for when her books are opening next and to make a booking is to follow her updates on Instagram.


General questions and enquiries can still be asked when her books are closed by contacting her email via

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