How much does a tattoo cost in Sydney?

Tattoo's are unlike anything else you will ever invest in!
It's not something you can take off or change easily when you feel like it; so it's important to take time to consider not only what you want but what you are willing to spend on it.

How much do tattoos cost

Keeping in mind that individual artists ocassionally have different prices so it is always best to check with the artist you are interested in - what their pricing and quote is.

Generally tattoos are charged by time at an hourly rate

Our studio charges $200 per hour
With the minimum price at $150
These rates are inclusive of GST

To get an idea of how long your tattoo may take it is best to request a quote.

Occassionally our artists or our studio will do flash events! Where we will let loose on some new ideas create our own tattoo design, which may be done at set prices. So check out our studio and our artist's social media accounts and give them a follow to stay updated on new event's or available designs.

How do I get a quote for a tattoo

Our artists can give you a rough idea of cost for your tattoo by filling out our quote form - link below - please include, the size, location, style and description of your tattoo to help us give a rough quote.

Of course the more information we have the more accurate our quotes can be, especially for large scale or complex pieces; so in person consultations are usually a better method.

this way our artists can talk to you about your idea easily and in more detail to get the best idea of what is involved in your tattoo. This is also a great opportunity for you to get to meet your artist, check out our space and ask any questions or concerns you may have.

Consultations are free of charge and commitment free, they are simply the best and easiest way for you and your artist to talk about the tattoo and the options or ideas you have.
No pressure from us if after your chat if you are not ready to get going or just want some time to think about it

Do I need to book in a consultation to get a quote

Not at all!

Some tattoo ideas are more simple and straight forward, and can easily be discussed online. The more complex the tattoo idea is or the larger it is the more likely a consultation may be needed to talk though all the options.

Of course it is up to you and your artist to decide what you are both comfortable with.
Ocassioanally our artists will work with interstate clients so sometimes our artists can make exceptions and accomodate online bookings if you are travelling from far away!

Why do different tattoo artists or studios give different prices

You will find that different Sydney tattoo artist will have different techniques, artistic capabilities, styles, speed, method and process for how they tattoo.

- Some tattoo artists are very meticulous, producing high quality work that they will take a bit of extra time to ensure consistency and quality in every tattoo.
- Some tattoo artists are naturally very quick to complete a tattoo but it may refrain from the same level of refinement or attention to detail
- Some styles of tattoo are more simple and quick and some are more time consuming
- Some tattoo artists, will be very skilled in certain styles of tattooing but may not be as skilled in others, so picking an artist whose portfolio and profile match the style of work you are after is crucial.
- Some artists are simple put machines; every person is different and can operate at different levels of focus, comfort and speed.

This is where it is necessary for you to consider what is most imporant to you and what you want to invest when picking an artist and receiving quotes from different studios

What are some of the factors that affect the cost of the Tattoo

There are a lot of factors that affect the cost, which is why often artists are unable to give an exact quote for the tattoo. Some of the main ones include:

The size;
If the tattoo is a bit bigger or smaller than discussed or expected. Sometimes there is an idea of how big we want it, but when the stencil is placed on the skin you may decide you want it bigger or smaller than you originally expected.

The location;
Some parts of the body are harder for artist to comfortably reach. Some Parts of the body the skin can be more tough/ thick than others. Some parts of the body the skin is very loose which takes more time to stretch the skin as we tattoo and some parts of the body are more painfull and sensitive where you may want to take more breaks than normal or you may be moving more than normal.

The detail in the tattoo;
During the design process sometimes your idea may change slightly. You may want to add some more elements or remove some. It can be as simple as adding or removing a few leaves from a floral tattoo, or deciding you want to have more colour or change to a black and grey tattoo. Sometimes it may be larger changes, deciding you now want to add a snake into your tattoo. All of this can add or reduce the final cost of the tattoo from the initial quote

How well you can sit;
If you are able to sit very still during the tattoo then the artist is going to be able to move at their most efficient pace to get it done as quick as they can.
Some parts of the body are naturally more painful and harder to sit still, additionally, the longer a tattoo goes on for the more paintful it generally becomes. This can make it harder to sit still, which means the artist may have to stop more frequently or get through smaller sections of the tattoo at one time, meaning the tattoo will take longer to complete.

Individual skin types;
Of course very tough, worn, scarred or sun damaged skin may be harder to tattoo than expected;

Our artists will always do their best to give you a reasonable quote trying to factor in as many of these options for you, but please understand our artists are simple mortal beings

If you would like to request a quote please fill out the quote form on our contact page:

The more information we have about your tattoo idea the more accurate our quotes can be, however as are lot's of factors that contribute to how long a tattoo may take some of which are outside of our artists control; we can only give quotes not set prices.